Provides service to the wastewater treatment industry
focused on old fashioned personalized service
while performing with modern techniques and equipment.

PureFlo provides the following wastewater services

  • Wastewater treatment plant operation and maintenance

  • Compliance monitoring in accordance to regulatory permits

  • Field testing per regulatory permits and manufacturer requirements

  • Confined space entry

  • Ejector pump system maintenance and repair

  • Emergency service Pump Control

PureFlo Goals

The goal of pure FLO is to enter the industry as a company that immediately has an impact on customer service above and beyond the competition and to develop two way client relationships focusing on long term service, compliant operations, fair pricing and continuity. It will be accomplished by a highly experienced and seasoned management team which will have daily hands on involvement in their area of expertise. Continual supervision and training of its associates will assure the quality of service.

This is not a “drive-by” business and accordingly, we will make sure that the customer’s system and equipment are attended to and provided with the human touch that is warranted. We take every effort to preserve and protect the customers’ capital investment, which will be paramount to ensuring compliance at all times.